i actually really like walking alone at night, pity that as a young woman this is considered unforgiveably risk-taking behaviour


bro you look so cute right now dude. dude you are so fucking adorable 



for an end and a beginning, a mix in two parts. 12 tracks/48 mins + 13 tracks/31 mins.

but i’m down here low - for a boy, a business, and a city.
lately, i’m feeling like a big bang - for a boy, a girl, and an escape.




girls are amazing i just watched my friend change 8 times before picking an outfit you girls are so dedicated to looking good i can’t believe there are men out there sitting in their cum stained sweatpants trying to tell you what you’re allowed to wear

thank you

15-year-old me: MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
me now: for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance

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